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Sep 13 / Vivi

Hello world!

After many years of having a “Vivi’s developer blog” in Romanian I decided that the time has finally come to start an english blog. I’ll mostly be writing about my experience as the co-founder of a startup.

I wish I could tell you what our startup does, but for now even we don’t know very well. :-) We’re working on it. Iterating, prototyping ideas, talking to people, finding customers, realizing we were wrong and starting all over again.

It’s a learning experience and I’ll use this blog to write about that and maybe keep you guys up to date with the drama, excitement and adventure that seems to come with trying to start your own business.


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  1. kellogs / Oct 11 2011

    posted by vivo costache, mighty pirate ™!

  2. iat9z / Oct 11 2011

    Finally, I was getting tired of translating from Romanian in Google Translate.

  3. Iulian / Dec 17 2011

    I appreciate you sharing your startup experience. Thank you for doing that. Best of luck!

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