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Sep 19 / Vivi

On being a generic software engineer

I was thinking these days on how important it is to be a generic software engineer and not get stuck in a certain technology.

In my previous job I worked with Actionscript, C++, Java, Javascript, BigTable.

For our startup we’ve already been through needing Ruby, Mongo, nodejs, Javascript, PHP, Java and ObjectiveC. It’s the first time I had to work with some of them and I’m sure down the road I’ll be having to deal with a few other languages or technologies that I’ve never used before.

There’s so much work across the entire spectrum of the project that I can’t imagine it get done unless you’re able to pick a new language up in about a week.

I’m sure some people make a living out of knowing the extreme details of a certain technology and definitely there are cases when this is useful. But the beginning of a startup is not one of those cases. :-)

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  1. Valentin Bora / Oct 11 2011

    I am going through about the same thing, and whenever I feel that too many technologies are jumping in, I am starting to think that there might be an easier solution altogether, by going the extra mile of research. What do you think?

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