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Nov 5 / Vivi

Standup desks don’t have to be expensive

Lawn table: $27.
Ikea nightstand: $15.

Having a standup desk: priceless.


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  1. Alex / Nov 5 2011

    Everybody says so at first(they can be even cheaper if you just use books or empty boxes); however, after a few weeks most realize they want an electrical, adjustable one, instead of an improvisation. that’s what I did.

    • Vivi / Nov 6 2011

      Sure, this is more like a temporary measure. And it works if you have two tables next to the other and you can easily switch by just moving the laptop two feet to the left. :-)

  2. dojo / Nov 7 2011

    Well, I can’t work like this, that’s for sure. what that table is missing is a comfy chair :D

    Anyway .. if it comes to use this type of a desk, improvisation can really take you a long way. This comes very cheap, as compared to the prices you’d pay for a ‘regular’ one.

  3. Diana / Nov 7 2011

    Besides the stand up desk, I would say you got yourself another piece of furniture: your bicycle. Especially in this weather. :P

    • Vivi / Nov 7 2011

      It’s my friend’s bike, this is not my place, I’m just crashing here. I use it every morning to go to Starbucks though, so it’s very useful. It’s not that cold outside, remember I come from NYC. :-)

  4. Diana / Nov 7 2011

    Usually I love riding my bike in the morning, but Saturday morning I had a revelation : it’s winter outside brr! Morning lows in the 40s, my heater ON (for a while now)…that’s definitely winter for me lol:))) But you got a point: this is not too bad for somebody who’s coming from NY! :))
    P.S. Where are you going’ to celebrate NYE?

  5. Dan Y / Nov 14 2011

    My standing desk cost a bit more, but your’s is real wood!


  6. donTed / Dec 19 2011

    It’s a 15″ or 17″ Macbook Pro? Why do you prefer the antiglare screen beside the glossy one?

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