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Nov 14 / Vivi

Moving on…

The YC team did not believe in our idea, and we failed to convince them that we were good enough to go through with it in the face of harsh competition.

I guess that’s that, we’re moving on.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, the key is to keep going.


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  1. Diana / Nov 14 2011

    Keep On, Keepin’ On!

  2. andrei / Nov 14 2011

    Does “moving on” mean keep developing your vision despite lack of funding, or are you abandoning the project and looking for something else?

    Either way, you’re on the right path. You know what they say, you have to fail a couple of times before you get everything right.

  3. xperia / Nov 14 2011

    Have you considered talking with romanian business angels, like Marius Ghenea?

    • Mircea / Jan 6 2012

      I have yet to see Romanian investors making a dent in Silicon Valley. They are few but they hardly care about establishing a Romanian point of presence in Silicon Valley. They should learn from Indians. Indians are helping each other, we do not.

    • Vivi / Jan 6 2012

      Indeed, the problem with Romanian investors is that it’s not smart money, it’s just money. Romanian investors don’t have the network, the know how and the attitude for an international business.

      And if we’re talking about Marius Ghenea, I can’t take him seriously after I’ve read his opinion on the launch of the iPhone (i can’t find a link anymore, but he was basically explaining how it’s a product that’s way too expensive, had no keyboard and will never be good for businesses so it’s shit) and on the launch of the iPad.

      His lack of understanding of why these products are indeed revolutionary is laughable at best and really worrying for an investor.

      • Mircea / Jan 21 2012

        He just said then like Steve Balmer said…

  4. Liviu / Nov 14 2011

    Exactly: the key is to keep going, so keep going with it.

    P.S.: Did I mention you should keep going? :)

  5. Claudiu / Nov 14 2011

    Run, Vivi, run, just run! Do it now!

  6. Zet / Nov 15 2011

    Not your case, but this remembers me about:

    “If you are going through hell, keep going.”
    Winston Churchill

  7. Diana / Nov 16 2011

    Everything ok here? Its too quiet…:=

  8. Vivi / Nov 27 2011

    Thanks all for the kind words. I’m not giving up. :-)

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