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Jan 5 / Vivi

How startups are like finding love

The way people go about building a company is very similar to how people go about finding love, or a date. Both in love and in startups there seem to be two categories of people (and all the grays in between).

At one extreme there are the iterators. They are people that learn the right pick up lines, the right jokes, the right things to wear and to say so that they get the person they are attracted to. They don’t mind not being themselves, the goal is clear and steps are made to reach that goal.

They iterate, learn and see what works. They fake it until they make it.

And then there are the believers. People who don’t mind being alone for a while and care most about finding whom they really are, what they really believe in and what they are really passionate about.

They keep working on finding their true passion, their own way, even though most people find them awkward dreamers.

Both are successful in their own ways. The iterators are the hustlers that will do anything to get where they want to go, and that makes them happy. The believers are the weirdos working on stuff that everybody else thinks is stupid, but they are happy because they are working on things that they truly care about.

And even if you are an iterator or a believer the real test comes when you have to deal with the realities of every day long relationships between you and your love, or between you and your company.

Compromises, trying to get better at things, learning, making efforts to keep everything together, going through happiness and disaster and emerging stronger, and most of all knowing that you’re doing the right thing.


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  1. Diana / Jan 9 2012

    I think there is a slight difference between a love relationship and a startup: in love it’s not about the destination its about the journey, while in startup you get most of the joy out of destination. :)

  2. Vivi / Jan 9 2012

    I actually think in statups a lot of it is about the journey too, if you’re a believer.

    Working on stuff that you love and care about is the main thing driving you forward, whether at the end of the day you succeed or not.

  3. kellogs / Feb 29 2012

    I am smelling some believers in this room :D

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