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Mar 17 / Vivi

I’ve joined TechStars NYC as a HackStar

Well, my search for a cofounder wasn’t going very well, so I decided to join the TechStars NYC class as a HackStar.

What does this mean?

HackStars are a group of a few people that help out the main companies with work throughout the program. Every week or so you choose to work with a different company and see if you can help them somehow.

Why am I doing this?

I think it’s an amazing opportunity to work with a lot of really smart and diverse people, to learn a whole lot about how the sausage is made and build long lasting relationships within the TechStars community.

That’s what I thought when I joined the program and now that I’m a few days in it, my expectations are blown away, it’s even cooler than I thought it would be and I think I can learn something from each and every one of the companies in this class. I’ve already been blown away by the internals of it all, the people that I will be working with, the other HackStars.

The cherry on top

And to top it all, the energy is simply amazing, it’s incredible to work next to so many talented and enthusiastic people, I find it incredibly contagious and it really energizes me.

It’s going to be a fun three months!


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  1. Octav Druta / Mar 17 2012

    Congrats! (PS: Btw. it shouldn’t be this hard to send comments to your blog :-)

  2. Vivi / Mar 17 2012

    Hard? What’s hard about it?

  3. Octav Druta / Mar 17 2012

    I had to fill 3 fields (Name, Email, Website). A FB connect solution (i.e: disqus) or straight FB comments would help me go straight to writing the comment :-)

  4. raul / Mar 17 2012

    Congrats, Vivi!

    If you can settle for a “overseas” co-founder, I might be interested.

  5. Bogdan / Mar 18 2012

    I don’t want to sound like an ass, but how is TechStars different than let’s say a temp agency? You get to chose where you work? Or the companies that collaborate with TechStars are private startups only?

    • Vivi / Mar 18 2012

      TechStars is a very selective high quality group of really awesome people that are focused on startups, building startups, eating and breathing startups. A temp agency works with… anybody.

  6. Vali / Mar 21 2012

    with enough energy you can do anything! :)

  7. Clare Tischer / Mar 26 2012

    Again, welcome to the family.

    • Vivi / Mar 27 2012

      Thank you Clare! Glad to be in.

  8. Yerry Batista / Apr 4 2012

    I need a co-founder to write the code for TechStart Seattle (fall). Please contact me at: yerry_batistahotmail .com or you can add me on facebook using this same email. Thanks

  9. Diana / Apr 17 2012

    Congrats Vivi, sounds very exciting!

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