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May 18 / Vivi

A few thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and mind share

I spend a lot of time talking to Google Engineers and I don’t have to tell you, they are a skeptical bunch of people.

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain why would somebody use Facebook and Twitter fundamentally?

Why do they matter and what is their value to me, as a person?

I feel that social networks allow me, the individual, to grab a tiny piece of mind share in the eyes of people that follow me, friend me, circle me or whatever.

I get to talk at them for a few seconds every other day, and that’s really hard to do otherwise.

And not only do I have their attention, but I also have control over the image that I shape in these few seconds. I can be a cool person that travels, a party animal, a whimsical witty dude, somebody passionate about work… I have absolute control over who I am projecting in your mind.

As a bonus I get likes, retweets, comments, and they are all there to tell me whether I succeeded or not. They are there to allow me to optimize my message, to evolve it.

Yes, there are people that abuse this and write about what they had for breakfast. You know, just like in real life, when you have that annoying friend that won’t shut up. :-) But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use these tools in a way that’s useful to you.

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  1. Cosmin / May 19 2012

    When I chat with friends about Facebook or Twitter being useful I try to make the general argument that a new/better communication platform can only help.
    In high school I used to think that mobile phones are just a status symbol while now no one can live without one.

    Also now you have the powerful example of the middle east revolutions being organized on twitter, facebook and reported on youtube so it’s clear now that the social web has some important effect on the world.

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