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May 21 / Vivi

The age of curation

This is a short draft post, I want to just throw an idea out there.

The internet went so far through a few phases: an academic one. Then a big push for raw creation of content, mostly transcribed from the real world. We went through the age of the portal, the age of the search engine. Went through a bubble in 2001, then the internet went through an e-commerce phase.

All of these are now part of what the internet is, and each new age in a way is a layer on top of the previous ones, some layers happen in parallel and overlap, they are not mutually exclusive.

I feel that nowadays we are in the age of curation, where more and more users are participating into this giant experiment, like never before, discovering that they can express themselves and whom their are through curating the internet for others.

The other big layer, happening at the same time, is probably social where we are learning that we can also express our lives online for others to see, at their convenience.

I wonder what age will be coming next, what will be the next layer that will build on top of all the ones before it? I have opinions, of course. :-) But I have to let my thoughts sit on it for a bit more.

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