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Sep 25 / Vivi

How Ev looks at Medium

Last night I was present at a roundtable hosted at BuzzFeed’s offices where BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti, Josh Miller from Branch and Ev Williams from Medium talked about stuff.

Because lately I have been thinking about Branch quite a lot, I found Ev’s perspective on publishing platforms quite interesting.

His view was that publishing platforms are actually marketplaces that bring together both producers and consumers. For example Blogger is a great tool for producers, but not for people consuming the content – content that is consumed somewhere else.

As opposed to Blogger, platforms like twitter, facebook, tumblr, have a consumption experience built in mainly through the act of following which gives an explicit potential audience. That’s the reason why they became more successful than Blogger, because people not only published content, but it was easier for them to find and understand an audience that was now explicit, it was a better more tight marketplace.

Because of that, he also looks at Medium as a marketplace, responsible not only to build the publisher side (how he did with Blogger), but also figuring out a consumption experience.

How is it different than all the others? Because Medium is trying to skew the content towards quality, away from the noisy real time aspect that characterizes twitter, and towards a consumption experience focused on discovery of high quality and mostly timeless content.

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