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Dec 18 / Vivi

I’m moving my blog to Medium

If you read this blog, or subscribe to it by RSS, you should know that I am now moving my blog to Medium.

I’ve said before that I’d replace it with Medium if medium would offer RSS, and I’ve made the point why here. And now that that my friends at Medium have added support for RSS, here I am. :-)

I like Medium a lot, and even though it’s quite limited in features right now, I really love how their team is approaching stuff, how they are taking feedback, and what they are planning to build.

So from now on, if you subscribe to this through RSS, or if you end up here for any reason, you can find my thoughts at


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  1. Nicu Alecu / Dec 18 2012

    I’m assuming you’re familiar with the term “sharecropping”.
    Also see this as a lesson in online “cropping”:

  2. Vivi / Dec 19 2012

    I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say.

  3. Nicu Alecu / Dec 21 2012

    Just a very basic ideea:
    When using somebody else’s platform, be it facebook, g+,, or let’s say … hmm, Medium, one is basically playing in somebody else’s yard. And one can be told to go home at any time.

    And a link (of many) about digital sharecropping:

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