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Oct 20 / Vivi

November in Silicon Valley

Next week we’re heading out to Silicon Valley again. I’m excited, it’s incredible how much of a difference it makes to be physically present there.

I realized today how true this is when, for the first time in the 6 years I’ve lived in New York, I overheard two people in the subway talking about users and some engagement stuff.

They were obviously developers, cared about whatever they were doing enough to talk about it in the subway.

You can spend years in New York and not stumble upon anybody working on a startup. You cannot spend more than a week in the Bay Area without somebody pitching you what they work on. :-)


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  1. Andrei / Oct 21 2011

    I was in sf for 3 days, sightseeing. Only once I used public transportation. It was a cold December night and there was only me in the bus station. Then came another guy, a black guy with a hoodie, looking suspicious as far as I could tell.

    He started talking to me, about being in prison ( alarm started ringing, I was ready for anything). Then he pitched me on his rap skills, rapping for 5 minutes one of his creations. Then he told me the story of his struggles to become famous. It was cool and I was glad I was out by my own as I always get to meet more new people this way.

    • Vivi / Oct 21 2011

      I guess America can be like that, people have dreams and want to make it, even if they go through all sorts of bad stuff in the process.

  2. Diana / Oct 26 2011

    Welcome back to Cali! We had some rainy days this week…but hopefully we’ll have a Sweet November(sunny and warm). :)

  3. dojo / Oct 29 2011

    Don’t know why to hate you more: cause you’re in NYC and I love it so much or that you’re going to some pretty hot places, while we’re freezing here :D

    We don’t have too many people who are interested in startups, at least not here in Romania. The ones who are already working have clients to manage and money to make, others still claim they have no luck, while doing little to succeed.

    You are indeed fortunate to be there, not because you couldn’t make it elsewhere, but because you have all you need to succeed. Determination and talent you already have, so it’s just a matter of time.

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